In simple terms, recruitment is a process of hiring employees. However, it is a complex process that lies with the human resource department of most organizations. Some firms outsource the recruitment process to third-party recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates for their organization. Today recruitment makes use of new tools and specialized techniques such as psychometric assessment to find the most suitable candidate to fit the company hiring objectives. Thus the complete process of advertising, selecting, interviewing and hiring the ideal candidates for the job is referred to as recruitment.

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A recruitment process is time-consuming and requires many resources. Organizations today are looking for a means to streamline the recruitment process and get the best result from the recruitment departments. A psychometric test is a new method that most recruiting agencies are applying to find the best candidates. This method has now become a part of the hiring process in most companies. Where the hiring process uses conventional methods of interviews and panel discussions to assess the education, past service records, and performance of the candidates, the psychometric tests check the candidate on factors such as their behaviour, and personality attributes.

There are different ways through which a business can look for new staff. One way is to advertise an opening in the organization through print media and online means. Often firms struggle to cope up with the overwhelming numbers of applicants applying for a job. It is time-consuming and difficult to streamline all the candidates and then select some for the interview process and get them aboard the hiring plans. While human resource manages multiple functions in an organization, the responsibility of recruitment also lies with the human resource department.

Big organizations and firms who have employees all over the world prefer to hire the services of third-party recruiters outside the organization to help them find and recruit. Third part organizations function solely for recruitment purposes and thus have the resources and time to search and find suitable candidates for the organizations.

People who are looking for a job have many resources available to them today. There are job portals where applicants can build their portfolio and upload their resumes to highlight themselves to companies and businesses. Further people can enlist their resumes with several recruitment agencies. The recruitment agencies have databases of many employers looking for the applicant and they can match an applicant with a suitable job and arrange interviews for them.

People looking for a job should also be active in their own communities. There are several jobs fairs event held in the communities and people must attend all job events and show their interest in open positions by submitting their resumes and request for interviews. Spending some time online and looking at the career pages of a company can also help to find a suitable job. People can check out search engines, local job sites, online job board and keep in touch with their friends and former colleagues to get information regarding any job opening.