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Job Posted May 24, 2018

Registered Nurse - Adult Intensive Care Unit  

... clinic centre, Grand expansion to all Emergency Room facilities, Grand expansion to the Oncology Centre, Founding the ... more systems failure who need observation and/or active management such as patients with circulatory failure requiring massive ... such as status epilepticus/increased ICP who need active management. * Surgical patients requiring intensive care for management and observation after major surgery include: Craniotomy, major abdominal surgery, aorto-femoral bypass and any patient that has an underlying medical condition that requires constant monitoring. * Cardiac patients who require anti failure and anti thrombolytic therapies and patients who require cardioversion * Patients less than 13 years of age are admitted if no pediatric beds are available in the PICU. Benefits * Generous Tax Free Salary. Each case individually negotiated.NEW! Increments for years of experience and for post graduate education. * One year renewable contract. If you renew for a ...

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