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Job Posted July 5, 2018
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English Lanaguage Teacher  

... to deliver study programmes. This will include providing information, advice and demonstrations. * Support students as they ... make best use of the centre resources, including technology, equipment and learning materials and handle user enquiries ... the community * Develop and utilise various educational technology resources to ensure that effective and innovative instruction ... support the move to the greater use of technology to support learning. * Establish, manage, and contribute to social media environments for each group with which they work. * Prepare e-Learning resources to enable students to undertake self-study both at College and at home. * Support student academic and pastoral needs through the effective use of the College eILP * Maintain regular office hours in order to advise and assist students * Monitor student progress continuously both on a college and system-wide basis * Ensure that teaching facilities, equipment and supplies are maintained in good working order * Provide ...

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